5 Ways A Diploma In Child Care Can Help You
  1. Achieve Wide Range Of Career Path

After finishing the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, you could be employed as :

  • Qualified Educator
  • Center Director
  • Center Manager
  • Authorized Supervisor
  • Group Leader

To those new to this industry and wanted to get started, after completing the Diploma, you can apply as Child Care Assistant, Family Day Care Educator or if you’re planning to be a Nanny it can be useful as well.

Though you may start your career as an assistant educator, you have a huge opportunity to work your way up to the position of Director.

  1. Gain Advanced Skills

The skills trained in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is essential to engage in higher roles. Having a Diploma will help you to organise high-quality development programs which develop high-quality programs that will support child’s learning.

For instance, the unit CHCECE019 (Facilitate Compliance in an Education and Care Service) you will attain knowledge regarding the rules of the National Quality Framework. Unit CHCECE024 (Design and Implement the Curriculum to Foster Children’s Learning and Development), you will be able to actively participate rather than just being a supporting hand for the already existing children development programs.

  1. It Will Help You To Have A Profound Achievement

Knowing that you are playing an important role in the community as Diploma-qualified Educator, this will give you a profound achievement in your career. Research indicates that high quality childcare programs has positive long and short lasting effects on children’s social and language development, intellectual skills and their ability to focus.

  1. Increased JOB SECURITY

Childcare Educators job availability is on the rise and it will surprise you. Jobs available for graduates with Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care have increased quite strongly in the last 5 years and it can be assured that it will keep on rising even more within November 2020.

There have been rules set about the ratios to be followed in center-based services. Childcare providers must ensure that every 7 children are being guided by one educator. Not more than 4 among those children should be of pre-school age or younger than that. Imagine how many childcare centers are in need of Diploma-qualified Educators?

  1. Earn A Higher Wage

Now here comes the most important question when you are a Diploma-qualified educator – “How much do childcare workers in Australia earn?” According to PayScale, the national average income of child care workers is at $43,000 AUD per annum and the national hourly rate may range from $17 AUD to $25 AUD. If you hold a Diploma in Childcare, you will have a base wage a little higher – depending on the level of the job role.