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Our mission here at GCIT has always been to provide superior and exceptional training that impact students and the industry in the highest possible way.

We boast of highly qualified, industry experienced passionate trainers, as well as administration staff who all believe in the same vision and goal of our students being our first focus.

Our strong philosophy has been to add massive value to student’s life without cutting corners and provide impeccable quality in whatever we do.

If you are looking for a career change or want to head in a different direction in life, then please get in touch with us
Benefits of doing a Diploma in Child Care:
  • Over 50,000 Jobs will be created by 2019 in Childcare Industry
  • Become a part of $12. 4 Billion Dollar Industry and one of the fastest growing sector
  • Provides clear and in-depth understand of children’s behaviour and how to help them interact in a group environment.
  • Learn about developing frameworks, understanding legislation and effectively interacting with children and their families.
  • Learn how to identify and respond to children at risk, improve their creativity and stimulate a fun environment to develop their confidence and social skills.
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