What are the Different Types of Jobs Available for Child Care Workers in Australia?

The childcare industry in Australia is definitely in its booming phase. And, that’s why more people are entering into the zone with the hope of getting settled and making a bright future ahead.

The first step to take at this point by the aspirants is to go for the childcare course from a reliable institute. If you take a close look at the career scopes for childcare, it will be clear that it is not limited to any particular job sector. Instead, there are variations in childcare jobs where the enthusiasts can join.

Go through the following to learn about different types of childcare jobs popular in Australia.


In the daycare facilities, the childcare workers need to take care of the group of children who belong to a particular age group. After you are qualified with the course, you can open your own daycare centre and run your own business, or you can join any other daycare centre as well. There, the workers have to take care of their safety and make them learn some social skills too. Also, they have to carry out a few pre-kindergarten reading sessions.

Early Child Educators

The responsibility of an early childhood educator is quite essential. They have to create an activity plan for the children at an early age that develop them both intellectually and socially. The average age group of children the educator deals with the preschool goers, toddlers and infants.

The main focus of the educators who have done their diploma in early childhood education in Brisbane remainin engaging the kids in different activities and making them interested in education. The educators can look for job prospects in child care centres, preschools and kindergartens.


The nannies are often confused with the baby sitters, but their job roles differ a bit. Nannies remain much more involved with the kids, and they are usually more qualified than babysitters.

Compared to the baby sitters, nannies have to be there with the child for long hours, and also they earn a better remuneration. The nannies who have opted for formal courses of childcare, they get the job in anywhere around the world, and they always remain in demand.

Childcare Centre Manager

The role of the childcare centre manager is more of a supervisor. To make sure that the operations at the centre go on smoothly and the children get the highest quality of care, the centre managers have to take the responsibilities. Along with the children, they have to supervise whether the educators who have got childcare certificate in Brisbane and appointed in the centre are correctly doing their job or not.

Also, the managers take an active part in designing children education programs and also track the development graph of the children. Maintaining the health and safety regulations in the childcare centre is also an essential role of the managers. Working as a manager requires minimum 6-10 years of experience along with necessary qualifications.


Apart from the significant job roles, there are jobs of office administrator, OOSH Assistant, Teachers’ Aide, Au Pair and more available for the enthusiasts who have completed their certificate or diploma courses in childhood care and education. Are you willing to be a part of the industry? Enrol in early childhood education courses in Brisbane from Gold Coast Institute of Technology today and kick start your career.